Pioneering Sustainability in Education

About Us

Opening August 26, 2024 - World-Class British Education at the best value for money

GEMS Founders School, Masdar City - Abu Dhabi, is an international UK curriculum school, providing students with the high standard of education that GEMS Education embodies.

Nestled at the heart of Abu Dhabi's sustainable urban community Masdar City, the new GEMS Founders School takes a bold step towards a more sustainable educational future with a keen focus on green initiatives and responsible environmental practices along with developing and shaping young minds to become the best version of themselves

Offering the National Curriculum for England, the school is set to inspire students from FS1 to Year 8 and redefine the benchmarks of sustainability in the education sector.

GFA not only emphasises sustainability in its physical infrastructure, but also incorporates eco-conscious principles into its curriculum. The school aims to cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious and socially responsible global citizens. Through innovative teaching methods, students will be encouraged to explore and understand the deep connection between the environment, society, and the economy. 

GFA prepares students for the world, giving them the best start to their educational journey in a supportive environment that is dedicated to fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning.