Pioneering Sustainability and Innovation in Education

GFA will pioneer a transformative approach to education by establishing an innovative model for environmental responsibility, where sustainability and commitment to ecological stewardship play a central role in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.  

Here's an overview of our groundbreaking commitment to environmental responsibility:

Net-Zero Energy Approach

GFA is set to be the first school in the GCC region to adopt a net-zero energy strategy with its expansive solar panel system generating 3.1 million kWh annually, serving both as a power source and shade provider for the building and its surroundings, improving energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Enhanced Thermal Insulation

GFA employs advanced construction techniques, including enhanced thermal insulated precast panels. These panels significantly reduce the heat load on the air-conditioning system, leading to reduced energy consumption and a more eco-friendly educational facility.

Optimised Building Orientation

The building's design utilises natural lighting and temperature control by minimising openings at the south elevation, which is ideal for the UAE's climate, and maximising openings at the north elevation. This strategic orientation ensures optimal energy efficiency and student comfort.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Through net-zero energy and energy-saving strategies, GFA is set to reduce its annual CO2 footprint by an impressive 1,154 tons.

Water Conservation

GFA is committed to reducing regular water consumption by an outstanding 40%, as per GEMS standards. One innovative method is the utilisation of AC condensate water for the flushing system, ensuring efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Easy Accessibility

GFA ensures eco-friendly commuting with pedestrian gates on each side of the boundary wall and dedicated shaded bicycle racks, promoting sustainable transportation.

Waste Management

During construction, GFA targets to manage construction waste, with 70% being recycled, and a 60% diversion of waste for recycling.

Exceptional Education

GFA continues to offer a stellar British curriculum education within the Founders’ spectacular educational facilities. The campus provides expansive external sports facilities and outdoor educational, collaborative, and play areas for students of all grades.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

In line with our sustainability commitment, we will provide electric vehicle charging points at the school, promoting eco-friendly commuting.

Outstanding facilities

GFA spaces nurture innovation with cutting-edge labs, vibrant art rooms, and a dedicated makerspace. The creative arts flourish in the Music and Drama Department, while well-stocked libraries ensure knowledge is accessible to all. Seniors find focus in GFA’s Sixth Form study hall, and inclusivity is paramount through our SEN Department. The primary and senior sports halls fuel physical development, and outdoor spaces encourage teamwork and adventure, from football fields to versatile MUGA courts.

Outdoor Learning Areas

GFA introduces unique outdoor learning areas with a forest school concept, enriching students' educational experiences and fostering a strong connection with nature.


  • Growing green minds: In the Early Years, our school plants the "Seeds of Sustainability," integrating environmental awareness into the British curriculum. From interdisciplinary approaches to hands-on learning experiences, foundational education becomes the fertile ground for cultivating eco-conscious minds. This represents a holistic approach to nurturing eco-conscious minds from the very beginning of their educational journey.

  • Environmental stewardship: Our school includes sustainability themes in various subjects. Mathematics, English, and other subjects become pathways for students to explore ecological responsibility, setting the stage for a comprehensive understanding of the connection between human actions and the environment. Education at GFA takes a leap beyond the classroom walls introducing specialised topics focused on environmental science, sustainable development, critical analysis and practical initiatives. Our students actively engage in eco-friendly projects, fostering a sense of responsibility for the planet.

  • Real-world applications: At GFA, we do not only teach our students theory but also practice by implementing eco-friendly infrastructure projects, waste reduction programmes, and community outreach activities for a more sustainable and resilient society. From gardening projects to recycling initiatives, students actively participate, reinforcing sustainability principles and shaping them into responsible citizens.


  • Cultivating inventive minds: At GFA, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation that goes hand in hand with academic excellence. Our approach to innovation is seamlessly integrated into the very essence of our educational philosophy, ensuring that students not only learn established knowledge but also develop the skills and mindset to contribute uniquely and creatively to the ever-evolving world.
  • Integrated innovation: Innovation is not a standalone concept at GFA; it is embedded into various aspects of our curriculum. Subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) serve as the foundation for hands-on projects that encourage students to think critically and solve real-world problems.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Beyond traditional academic pursuits, we instill an entrepreneurial spirit in our students, encouraging them to turn their innovative ideas into practical solutions. Entrepreneurship-focused programmes and extracurricular activities provide students with the opportunity to develop business acumen, leadership skills, and a proactive mindset. Our students engage in group projects, hackathons, and innovation challenges, fostering a community of learners who excel in collaborative innovation and make a positive impact on the world.

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