Vision, Mission & Values


Grow. Flourish. Achieve 


Our Mission is to cultivate an innovative and sustainable learning environment that seamlessly integrates academic excellence, holistic development, and a profound understanding of sustainable practices fostering global citizenship and empowering students to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of our world.


At GFA, students explore their unique potential in an atmosphere of care and positivity. We nurture not only academic competence but also cultivate responsible, globally aware citizens who carry a deep sense of self-worth throughout their lives.

We champion a values-driven ethos, fostering a happy and supportive community. Our commitment to Stewardship and innovative problem-solving extends beyond the classroom, providing daily opportunities for students to find creative solutions to complex challenges.

We believe that each student is recognised as an individual, ensuring a personalised educational experience. Our dedicated staff, chosen for their genuine passion for learning, serve as mentors who inspire, engage, and challenge students. As mentors, they guide students in shaping their own beliefs, attitudes, and decisions, fostering an environment where academic achievement, physical growth, social development, and spiritual wellbeing flourish harmoniously.

GFA strives to create unforgettable school memories, lifelong friendships, and a wealth of knowledge and experiences that equip students for their journey ahead. We aspire that as students leave the school and move on to the next step in their lives, they carry not only the excitement of new adventures but also a sense of nostalgia, parting from a place that they remember fondly.

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