The Founders Story

Unveiling GEMS Founders' Inspiring Journey

We are proud to bring the Founders brand to Abu Dhabi in such a sustainable form, in line with the green vision of both the UAE and Masdar City.

GEMS Founders School – Masdar City, Abu Dhabi (GFA) follows the opening of GEMS Founders School – Dubai in 2016 (GFS) and GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar (GFM) in 2018. Known for providing high-quality education and exceptional value, the GEMS Founders schools already serve more than 10,000 students.

The Founders brand within GEMS Education is a distinctive and innovative approach to education in the United Arab Emirates. This initiative was fueled by a desire to provide high-quality education that blended the best of British educational practices with the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of the UAE.

Vision: Grow, Flourish, Succeed Together

At the heart of the Founders brand lies a powerful vision - to enable students to grow, flourish, and succeed together. This vision goes beyond academic excellence; it embodies the idea of holistic growth, nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts of students. It emphasises the value of collaborative success, where every member of the school community plays a role in helping each other to achieve their best.

Mission: Inspiring Creative, Mindful Learners

GEMS Founders' mission is clear: "Together, we inspire creative, mindful learners who value diversity, support one another and strive for success." This mission underscores the importance of creativity, mindfulness, diversity, and mutual support. It promotes an educational environment that encourages critical thinking, fosters an appreciation for diverse perspectives, and instills the values of empathy and collaboration.

Core Pillars: The Building Blocks of Excellence

Four core pillars form the foundation of the Founders brand, acting as the guiding principles that shape the educational experience:

  • Mindfulness: The focus on mindfulness emphasises the importance of being present, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent. It enables students to understand themselves and others better, fostering a harmonious learning environment.
  • Character: Character development is a key element of the Founders brand. It encourages students to cultivate qualities such as integrity, responsibility, and resilience, which are essential for personal and academic growth.
  • Languages: Language proficiency is central to global communication and understanding. The Founders brand places a strong emphasis on language learning, ensuring that students have access to a diverse range of languages, empowering them to connect with people from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Cultural Awareness: In a multicultural and multinational environment like the UAE, cultural awareness is of paramount importance. The Founders brand encourages students to embrace and respect the diverse cultures represented within the school community, fostering an environment of inclusion and respect.

As GEMS Founders continues to evolve and expand, it remains a beacon of innovation, diversity, and excellence in the field of education. The Founders brand has created a unique educational environment where students not only excel academically but also develop as well-rounded individuals. This holistic approach to education positions GEMS Founders as a pioneering force, nurturing students who are prepared to grow, flourish, and succeed in an ever-changing global landscape.

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