Albie Huyser

School Principal/CEO

Meet Albie Huyser, the visionary Principal/CEO of GEMS Founders School – Masdar City (GFA)

With an impressive 27-year journey in British and International schools across three continents.

In her quest to make GFA a sustainability flagship, Albie has a creative vision. Picture a net-zero energy school where innovation meets environmental responsibility. Imagine a vibrant learning environment powered by renewable energy sources and surrounded by green spaces.

Albie's commitment to sustainability extends beyond academics. She envisions students not just as learners but as stewards of the planet. The curriculum goes beyond textbooks, fostering a deep connection to the environment. Students learn to apply sustainable practices in their daily lives, preparing them to be leaders in a world that increasingly values ecological consciousness.

Albie held various roles, from Advanced Skills teacher to Vice Principal, and ultimately became the founding Principal of GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah (GCS). She achieved notable milestones, securing British Schools Overseas accreditation in the first year and a "Very Good" rating in the 2022 UAE inspection. Her outstanding reputation as an educational leader is founded on her steadfast commitment to enhancing experiences for students and teaching staff.

As she pioneers this transformative journey with her highly qualified team, Albie’s commitment is not just to academic success but to the holistic development of all.. Together with students, families, and colleagues, Albie is determined to build a school that not only educates but inspires, creating a positive and impactful legacy in the heart of Masdar City.